Traffic Exchange for Website Traffic Exchange


1) How does Rising Clicks get free traffic for my website?
When you add your website to Rising Clicks members will visit your site when they surf using our traffic delivery system. This is how members earn tokens which can be exchanged for extra traffic.
2) Will my business get sales and leads from this system?
We do not guarantee you will get sales or leads but the more traffic you get then the greater the chances. Rising Clicks is a generic traffic generation system and not specifically designed for lead generation or sales. We encourage you to create compelling landing pages for each product or service you offer and submit them to our system because this can be more effective than submitting your website's front page.
3) Can you explain each section of this system.
We are happy you asked. Here we go:

Add Website - Allows you to add a URL to our system. Other members will see this when they are surfing.

My Websites - Shows some stats about each listing you have submitted and offers you the option to edit the listing.

Rewards - As you become more active using the system you can earn rewards. This page will tell you what reward you will earn next and what you have already received.

Lucky Wheel - Spin the wheel and earn prizes. Every spin will cost tokens and you can only spin once every 12 hours.

Lottery - Buy a Rising Clicks traffic lottery and go in the running to win tokens.

Surf for Tokens - Surf the web to earn tokens which also earn you traffic for your own website.

Buy Tokens - No time to surf? Buy tokens which earn you traffic for your own website.

My Account - Edit your account details including your password and email.

Banner Ads - Use your tokens to purchase banner advertising on the surf bar at Rising Clicks.

Affiliate Info - Learn how you can make money by referring people to this service.

Withdraw money - Withdraw the money you have made by referring people to this service.

Redeem Coupon - Only found on pages where a Rising Clicks product can be purchased. If you have a coupon code then you can enter it here to redeem tokens or a membership.